Aquaculture Conference Technical Presentations

RX, Oceanology International 2016, 13-15 March 2016

The Aquaculture Conference at Oceanology International 2016 explored the latest trends and challenges in aquaculture.

The opportunity to bring to the attention of the wider marine science and technology community the new challenges faced by the aquaculture sector is exciting and timely. The sector continues to grow globally and with this growth come new challenges that call for innovative research and technology solutions. The innovation thread ran through the 2016 programme and it is exemplified by presentations on the industry-led Innovation Centres that have been established recently in Norway and Scotland to facilitate collaborations with academic researchers. Questions of fish health, containment, environmental security, marine biofuel development and spatial planning all feature strongly in the industry’s strategic considerations and these themes are addressed in the programme.

Furthermore, the programme reflected the fast moving nature of the industry and the constant pressure to respond to new threats and opportunities; for example, the need to develop new sites in unsheltered waters demands new and innovative approaches to design moorings and anchors able to withstand severe weather conditions, to develop sensors and automatic measurement and telemetry systems for fish cages and to monitor the behaviour of farmed fish populations. Presentations on the exciting opportunities associated with attempts to developing fuel from the sea, the need to examine the possibilities for more land-based systems for aquaculture and the progress with marine shellfish farming, all signify new areas of exploration in the industry.

Conference Committee & Chairmen:

  • Professor Peter Davies, Chair at the University of Dundee, with interests in fluid mechanics in relation to aquaculture systems.
  • Alex Adrian, Aquaculture Officer for The Crown Estate, reflecting TCE’s aquaculture business interests around the UK in relation to finfish, shellfish and macroalgae.
  • Richard Slaski, Managing Director at Epsilon Resource Management Ltd, Executive Director of Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) and Head of the Secretariat of the Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum with many years international experience in the fields of aquaculture, commercial production, fisheries and related marine environmental strategy and policy.
  • Professor Kenneth Black, Scottish Association for Marine Science, a researcher in marine science and sustainability with particular expertise in the environmental impact of aquaculture.


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Challenges Facing Offshore Aquaculture, Richard Slaski, Secretariat, Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum (SARF); Alex Adrian, Aquaculture Officer, The Crown Estate

The Potential for Shortening the Pen-Based Phase of the Salmon Ongrowing Cycle: Strategic Implications, Keith Jeffery, Aquaculture Development & Bio-Diversity Support Officer, Cefas

Presentation: The Potential for Shortening the Pen-Based Phase of the Salmon On-growing Cycle...

Innovative Mooring Technologies for Exposed Aquaculture Locations, Lawrie Stove, Managing Director, AquaMoor

Offshore Mussel Farming: Theory and Reality, John Holmyard, Managing Director, Offshore Shellfish Ltd

Presentation: Offshore Mussel Farming: Theory and Reality

A Ruggedised, Deployable and Autonomous System for the Quantification of Faecal Indicator Bacteria in Natural Waters for Improving Biosecurity in Shellfisheries, Dr Jonathan McQuillan, Molecular Biologist, National Oceanography Centre

A Centre for Research-Based Innovation in  Exposed Aquaculture Operations - Collaboration and Synergies between Maritime Industries within the "Ocean Space", Dr Arne Fredheim, Research Director - Department of Aquaculture Technology, SINTEF  Fisheries and Aquaculture

Presentation: A Centre for Research-Based Innovation in Exposed Aquaculture Operations - Collaboration and...

Surface Water Quality Observation Moving to the Internet of Things Era: The EcoWatch, Marco Pieterse and Hans Wouter, Directors, BlueLeg Monitor

A Novel System for Easy Access to Critical Parameters in Modern Fish Farms, Ketil Horn, Sales Manager, Nortek AS

Presentation: A novel system for easy access to critical parameters in modern fish farms

Satellite-Based Water Quality Monitoring for Shellfish Farms to Support Management Decisions, Dr Peter Miller, Principal Earth Observation Scientist, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Presentation: Satellite-based water quality monitoring for shellfish farms to support management decisions

Technology Innovation for the Aquaculture Sector; Needs, Opportunities and £££!, Dr Jason Cleaversmith, Director of Business Development, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC)

Presentation: Technology Innovation for the Aquaculture Sector; Needs, Opportunities and £££!

Marine Biofuel Production Technology, Dr Philip Kerrison, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Algal Biorefinery, Michele Stanley, Centre Lead for Marine Biotechnology, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Presentation: Algal Biorefinery

This conference programme was CPD approved by IMarEST. Attendees were eligible for a CPD certificate, post event.