Marine Technology and Services Sector Role in the Blue Economy

Ocean Observations
RX, Oceanology International 2016, 13-15 March 2016

Advancing technology is allowing us to work with the ocean in ways that were previously impossible, which will lead to an exponential growth in the economic value of the sea. That development will be a significant growth factor in the global economy, but only if done right, ‘right’ meaning a balance of economic growth with responsible stewardship based on science and information derived from ocean monitoring and observing.

This conference track at Oceanology International 2016 explored the latest trends in ocean observing, viewed through the lens of the ‘Blue Economy’. With a series of presentations drawn from a record number of abstracts this programme helped attendees evaluate their own ocean science, technology, and economic activities through new perspectives and identify key trends that will influence future developments. This conference programme included distinguished keynotes, two focused panels and an international roster of speakers.

Chaired by Zdenka Willis, Director - US Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®) Program and Justin Manley, Founder, Just Innovation


Opening Remarks, Zdenka Willis, Director, U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®) Program

Keynote: From Observation to Impact – An Australian Perspective on Development of the Blue Economy, Tim Moltmann, IMOS Director, University of Tasmania

Presentation:  From observation to impact – an Australian perspective on development of the blue economy


Operational Data Management in Support of Search & Rescue Operations in the Central Mediterranean Sea, Dr Eric Comerma, Director-International Services, RPS ASA

Presentation: Operational Data management in support of Search & Rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean...


Panel Session: Ocean Observing Systems - Focus on Blue Economy

Liesl Hotaling, President, Eidos Education, 

Presentation: OceanSTEM and Blue Economy Workforce Development

Prof Anthony Knap, Director, GERG, Texas A&M University 

Presentation: Ocean Observing Texas Style

Martin Visbeck, Professor in Physical Oceanography, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel & Kiel University

Presentation: AtlantOS - Optimising and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing Systems

John Breslin, General Manager, SmartBay Ireland

Presentation:  SmartBay – Building Ireland’s test, demonstration and validation facility


Costs and Benefits of Multidisciplinary Fixed-Point Ocean Observations, Dr Luisa Cristini, Project Manager, National Oceanography Centre

Presentation: Costs and benefits of multidisciplinary fixed-point ocean observations


Panel Session: Instrumentation for Ocean Observing 

Julian von Borries, Technical Director, HYDRO-BIOS Apparatebau GmbH

Presentation: The AFIS technology - in situ fixation as innovative tool providing unbiased samples for...

Dr Carmem-Lara de Oliveira Manes, Co-Founder and R&D Director, Microbia Environnement

Presentation: Improving detection of toxic algae in marine waters: fast and reliable novel monitoring technology

Peer Fietzek, Manager Science & Research, Kongsberg Maritime Contros

Presentation: From Sensors to Observatories – Modular Monitoring Systems and Data Products

Oliver Ferdinand, Researcher, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, University of Oldenburg

Presentation: Multispectral fluorescence sensor for quasi-EEMs to support ocean health observation

Mary-Lou Tercier-Waeber, Senior Scientist, University of Geneva

Presentation: SCHeMA open and modular in situ sensing solution

Dr Dan Eduard Mihaiescu, Associate Professor, Politechnica University Bucharest


Ocean pH Measurement: An In Situ Microfluidic Spectrophotometric pH Sensor, Tianya Yin, PhD student, University of Southampton

Presentation: Ocean pH measurement: An in situ microfluidic spectrophotometric pH sensor


Remote Ocean Current Imaging System, Rob Smith, Managing Director, Fugro Global Environmental and Ocean Sciences Inc

Presentation: Remote Ocean Current Imaging System


Project Azul: An Ocean Observing System Focused on Offshore O&G Operations, Mauricio Fragoso, General Manager, PROOCEANO

Presentation: Project Azul: An Ocean Observing System Focused on Offshore O&G Operations


Seasonal Forecasting: An Innovative System to Ensure Safe and Efficient Marine Activities within a Blue Economy, Caroline Acton, Metocean Business Development Manager, Met Office

Presentation: Seasonal forecasting: an innovative system to ensure safe and efficient marine activities within...

This conference programme was CPD approved by IMarEST. Attendees were eligible for a CPD certificate, post event.