Technology for Marine Renewables

Marine Renewables
RX, Oceanology International 2016, 13-15 March 2016

The Marine Renewables conference at Oceanology International 2016 heard from industry professionals about how recent innovations in modelling, surveying and foundation design are helping the industry achieve real cost reductions. The conference started by exploring some of the new techniques and technologies which are expanding knowledge in offshore surveying, in areas such as underwater acoustics, quantifying turbulence and dealing with WWII bombs and other unexploded ordinance. 

A panel of experts then presented some of the more novel foundation systems which are being deployed to support offshore wind, tidal and wave energy projects around the world. They talked about a variety of projects they have been involved with, from large bore submarine drills, rock anchors and suction caissons to self-installing substations from Germany.  The session wrapped up with a session on new applications from existing technologies, including from the European Space Agency on how space tech is being applied in offshore renewables (and vice versa), the latest on floating LIDAR for offshore anemometry and a commercial power application from Wave Energy today, as well as the fascinating world and complexities associated with physical modelling and replicating the environmental conditions of seabed scour.

Chaired by Nick Murphy, Head of Operations, SeaRoc and Tony Hodgson, Global Business Development Manager - Renewable Energy, Fugro


Surveying  (Chaired by Tony Hodgson, Fugro)

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Tony Hodgson, Global Business Development Manager - Renewable Energy, Fugro

Quantifying Turbulence in Tidal Channels, Dr Fabian Wolk, President, Rockland Scientific Inc

Presentation: Quantifying Turbulence in Tidal Channels

Field-Proven Techniques in Target Identification and Tracking Using Sonar Technologies around Marine Current Turbines, Dr Pauline Jepp, Senior Software Engineer, Tritech International

Presentation: Field-proven techniques in target identification and tracking using sonar technologies around...

Advanced Passive Acoustics, from Pre-Installation to Maintenance of Offshore Renewable Installations and Habitat Monitoring, Luc Simon, Business Development Manager,  RTSys

                Presentation: Advanced passive acoustics, from pre-installation to maintenance of Offshore renewable...

The Application of Marine Geophysical Methods for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Detection, Anne Chabert, Chief Geophysicist, Fugro EMU

Presentation: The application of marine geophysical methods for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) detection

Innovations in Foundations (Chaired by Nick Murphy, SeaRoc)

An Introduction to the Need & Economic Drivers for Novel Foundation Systems in Offshore Renewables, Nick Murphy, Head of Operations, SeaRoc

Mono Bucket Foundations, Søren Nielsen, Director of Technology, Universal Foundation

Presentation: Mono Bucket Foundations

Innovative Foundation Installation Techniques for Offshore Renewables Projects, Michael McSherry, Marine Renewables Manager & Damian Callan, Technical Manager, McLaughlin & Harvey

Presentation: Innovative Foundation Installation Techniques for Offshore Renewables Projects

Suction Can Foundations and Self Jacking Installations, Jan Henning Günther, Lead Consulting Engineer, MAREVAL

Presentation: Suction Can Foundations and Self Jacking Installations

New Applications for Technologies (Chaired by Nick Murphy, SeaRoc & Tony Hodgson, Fugro) 

Developing Roles for Space Applications in the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector under the European Space Agency's Integrated Applications Promotion Programme (IAP), Callum Norrie, ESA IAP Offshore Energy Ambassador, European Space Agency

NORCOWE FINO1 Validation Campaign: Study Overview & Results, Graham Howe, Director of Sales – Europe, AXYS Technologies

Presentation: NORCOWE FINO1 Validation Campaign: Study Overview & Results

Improving Data Availability and Accuracy of Offshore Environmental Monitoring While Also Reducing Cost & Complexity through Delivery of Reliable Persistent Power, Paul Watson, Director of Business Development UK & Europe, Ocean Power Technologies

Presentation: Improving data availability and accuracy of offshore environmental monitoring while also reducing...

Taking the Plunge: Physical Modelling of Scour Under Combined Waves and Currents, Richard Whitehouse, Technical Director, HR Wallingford

This conference programme was CPD approved by IMarEST. Attendees were eligible for a CPD certificate, post event.