THE LANCET Public Helath, Volume 8, Issue 3, March 2023, Pages e194-e202

This Article supports SDG 3 by assessing whether access to free health prenatal health care affects adverse outcomes in newborns in Switzerland. The findings suggest that the health-care policy impacted some, but not all, outcomes.
Elsevier, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 72, February 2023
Despite being a relatively new addition to the Omics' landscape, lipidomics is increasingly being recognized as an important tool for the identification of druggable targets and biochemical markers. In this review we present recent advances of lipid analysis in drug discovery and development. We cover current state of the art technologies which are constantly evolving to meet demands in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. A careful selection of important examples is then provided, illustrating the versatility of lipidomics analysis in the drug discovery and development process.

The Lancet Regional Health - Southeast Asia,
ISSN 2772-3682

The paper looks at the developments on some poorly performing districts on SDGs in India to take stock of how far the country is from their national targets.

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Volume 172, February 2023

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the traditional healthcare systems into intelligent system by allowing remote access and continuous monitoring of patient data. Specifically, first a novel scalable blockchain architecture is proposed to ensure data integrity and secure data transmission by leveraging Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) mechanism. Then, BDSDT integrates with the off-chain storage InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to address difficulties with data storage costs and with an Ethereum smart contract to address data security issues.

Energy Nexus, Volume 9, March 2023, 100181

This Article supports SDGs 7, 11, and 8 by presenting an alternative means of agricultural transport utilizing solar-powered farm rickshaws versus the traditional fossil fuel vehicles.

Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 534, 15 April 2023, 120782

Many of the forests of the world are parts of complex landscapes that include intact native forests, forests utilized by communities, and agricultural lands. Understanding ecosystem services at the scale of landscapes benefits from careful consideration of transitions among these land uses, and this article examines these topics for landscapes in Peru and the Philippines.

eClinicalMedicine, Volume 56, February 2023

This Article supports SDG 3 by assessing the incidence of HCV infection among people with HIV, during different periods statified by level of access to direct-acting antiviral therapy for HCV. Broader access to this treatment was associated, through a "treatment as prevention" effect, with lower incidence of HCV infection - approximately 50% lower in the period of broad access to the treatment compared with the period before access to the treatment.

Ecological Economics, Volume 204, February 2023

Our research explores how Stakeholder Capitalism can contribute to global governance to achieve all the 17 SDGs. The main findings revealed that Stakeholder Capitalism and its principles are favorable to foster a friendly environment for achieving most of the SDGs and can contribute to global governance in achieving mainly the SDGs 8, 9, and 17. However, Stakeholder Capitalism literature is incipient for the SDGs 6, 14, and 15, needing further research development by considering non-human stakeholders and the environment.