Cathy Laporte, portfolio director for the in-cosmetics Group, part of RX, discusses the growing momentum towards a more conscious beauty industry, and in-cosmetics’ role in driving sustainable innovation and growth.
A Review in support of SDGs 3 and 12, focusing on the decrease in traditional food availability and the increase in food import dependence in small islands, discussing the resulting reduction in diet quality and food security and the increase in type 2 diabetes risk.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Environmental Sensing: Cognitive Data Science in Sustainable Computing, 2022, pp 93-108

This chapter advances the UN SDG goals 9, 12, and 13 by discussing the potential of AI to overcome socioenvironmental challenges such as unsustainable resource consumption and poor management of natural disaster responses.
In December 2021 RELX held Responsible Supplier Sessions exploring themes including living wage, accessibility and modern slavery prevention. This information is particularly relevant to SDGs 8, 10 and 12.

Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 5, January 2022

Food preservatives are important to reduce food spoilage caused by microorganisms preventing loss of its quality and nutritive value. In this research, a new way to isolate the organic nanodots from edible freshwater blue green microalgae has been developed as a natural food preservative.
This chapter aligns with Goal 14: Life Below Water and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption by discussing threats to the Franciscana dolphin and exploring novel options to reduce harmful bycatch.
This chapter aligns with Goal 14: Life Below Water and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption by highlighting the many marine pollution risks associated with ocean extraction/consumption and impacts to marine ecosystems.
Purpose: In this study, we identify and characterise how organisations have responded, in ways ranging from restoration to radical change, to discontinuities in their product-based service (PBS) suppl
Mitigating and adapting to climate change requires decarbonizing electricity while ensuring resilience of supply, since a warming planet will lead to greater extremes in weather and, plausibly, in pow

Food Systems Modelling: Tools for Assessing Sustainability in Food and Agriculture, Volume , 1 January 2022

This chapter aims to provide an introductory “how to” guide to using environmental input-output (EIO) models to measures of both direct and indirect environmental impacts of food systems across all economic sectors.