Urban green space, such as parks, forests, green roofs, streams, and community gardens, provides critical ecosystem services.

Building toilets and getting people to use them is critical for public health.


The Lancet Global Health, Volume 1, December 2013

This Article supports SDG 3 by showing plausible outcomes associated with exposure to e-waste (end-of-life electrical and electronic waste), including change in thyroid function, changes in cellular expression and function, adverse neonatal outcomes, changes in temperament and behaviour, and decreased lung function.
This study describes the development and implementation of a high-throughput compound screening assay targeting ER calcium dysregulation as an innovative approach for AD drug discovery.
This study uses social network analysis to model a contact network of people who inject drugs (PWID) relevant for investigating the spread of an infectious disease (hepatitis C).

Women and Health (Second Edition), 2013, Pages 1515-1526

Addresses the impact of long-term care on women, outlining the salient issues affecting women who are receiving care and those who are providing informal caregiving, as well as those who are direct care workers in long-term care facilities. Focus is given to the prevalence of physical and mental health conditions among women in the long-term care system and identification of risk factors associated with women’s health and economic well-being.
Summarizes the evidence on how education, work, and marriage influence women’s health. In light of dramatic changes in gender-based inequalities in education, occupational opportunities, and marriage, trends in major indicators of women’s health are discussed in relation to the relevance of social changes for recent and future population patterns in women’s health.
This chapter aligns with the SDG goal 3 of good health and wellbeing by showing the role of inflammation in drug-induced liver injury.
A growing body of literature supports stigma and discrimination as fundamental causes of health disparities.