Useful SDG links

SDG Index

Provides a report card for country performance on the historic Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG Dashboard

Explore, monitor and visualise SDG Data

Business Human Rights Resource Centre

Aims to encourage transparency and engagement on company policy & action on human rights, including implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Ranks the top 100 companies across the agricultural products, apparel and extractives industries on their human rights related policies, processes, practices and responses

Business Fights Poverty

Connects the practitioners and experts around the world to form a global community of pioneers pushing the boundaries of how business can fight poverty

Business for 2030

Tries to answer if and how companies are striving to meet the SDGs


Measures the likelihood of humanity achieving each of the 17 SDgs by 2030 by focusing on companies around the world

SDG Compass

Provides guidance for companies on how they can align their strategies as well as measure and manage their contribution to the realization of the SDGs

Objective is to help everyone, everywhere learn about the SDGs and equip them with tools and inspiration to take appropriate action


Aim is to increase the number of tools and resources available to support business in navigating the dynamic SDG agenda

SDG Knowledge Hub

Aim is to increase awareness surrounding the SDGs and highlight available resources such as news, guest articles, policy briefs and events, all relating to specific SDGs

SDG Industry Matrix

Showcases industry-specific examples and ideas for corporate action related to the SDGs

Behind the Brands

Assesses the agricultural sourcing policies of the world's 10 largest food and beverage companies

The South African Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub

First African platform that connects development actors with research and innovations relevant for the implementation of the SDGs

SDG Tracker

Visualisations on this dashboard will be useful to see where we have come from with the Millennium Development Goals - and where we are going with the SDGs

World Bank

These dashboards present data from the World Development Indicators (WDI) that help to monitor the SDGs

SDG Accord

The University and College Sector’s Collective Response to the SDGs

Aid Data

Committed to helping the international community develop better tools to focus resources, monitor progress and facilitate dialogue around the global goals

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

An open multi-stakeholder network working to harness the data revolution for sustainable development

The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)

An open platform for sharing data, with the goal of making humanitarian data easy to find and use for analysis

Report on 'How to measure the SDGs in Central Europe'

Report highlighting NetGreen’s work building an inventory of green economy indicators and embedding this information in a unique interactive structure

Report on 'The SDGs: An overview of relevant OECD analysis, tools & approaches'

The OECD has tools and experience that can be brought together to contribute to achieving the SDGs efficiently and on time

An advocacy guide on implementing the SDGs to advance women's rights & gender equality

Provides advice on how to advocate to ensure commitments to women’s rights and gender equality in the SDGs are fully implemented, resourced and monitored at national and local level

Investment Community Visibility

ICV (Investment Community Visibility) connects hard-to-reach Family Offices and leading Fund Investors to evaluate opportunities that create a social impact beyond a financial return. We're mobilizing trillions of dollars to find solutions to the SDGs

SDG 16 Data Initiative

The SDG16 Data Initiative is a collective project to compile existing global data that can help track progress towards the achievement of SDG16

The Human Rights Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals

The Danish Institute for Human Rights has developed a human rights guide to the SDGs


SHIFT is an online platform that allows you to navigate sustainability tools so you can carve out the path to implementation that suits your organization


Change starts with you. Pick up one of the 170 actions and act towards the global Goals

The lazy person’s guide to saving the world

Some super easy things we can adopt into our routines that, if we all do it, will make a big difference

Equileap - Gender Equality in the Workplace

Accelerating progress towards gender equality in the workplace


Find accessible places and services across India


A global innovation lab to advance the SDGs

iTech Mission

Developing technology solutions for social good