HIV-related care for transgender people: A systematic review of studies from around the world

Elsevier, Social Science & Medicine, Volume 230, June 2019, Pages 280-294.
Anna Fontanari, Gabriel Zanella, Marina Feijo, Siobhan Churchill, Maria Inês, Rodrigues Lobato and Angelo Costa

The present systematic review aimed to provide a clear summary of the current literature on HIV-related care for transgender men, transgender women and gender diverse people.


Inclusion criteria were peer-reviewed quantitative studies, published through April 04, 2018, concerning transgender women, transgender men and gender diverse people and HIV-related care, which was any intervention aiming to prevent, treat or alleviate the impact of HIV on these populations.


From 6,585 references, 62 articles were included: Three articles had results on PEP, 18 on PrEP, 29 on HIV-testing, 17 on access to health care, and 13 on adherence to treatment.


The present study is the first systematic review evaluating HIV-related care for transgender people. Data collection is still scarce regarding transgender men and gender diverse people. Worldwide, testing for HIV infection does not necessarily enable access to the HIV continuum of care for transgender populations or even guarantee awareness of HIV seropositivity.