iScience, Volume 24, Issue 9, 2021,103053,

In this backstory, Marta Hatzell (left) interviews Jennifer Wilcox (right), leader of the field of carbon capture and the impacts of carbon on the climate. From highlighting her beginnings in mercury emissions, Wilcox demonstrates here the importance of pivoting to follow one's passion and try to solve big problems the world is facing, as well as collaborating to find common language.


The Journal of Climate Change and Health, Volume 4, 2021, 100050

To prevent the most catastrophic health effects of climate change, urgent reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are needed from all sectors to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, along with those of the Race to Zero: to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The health care sector is not exempt from this charge.

Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, Volume 30, September 2021

This paper presents research on the importance of teaching language skills.


The Journal of Climate Change and Health, 2021, 100052,

Health professionals are in a unique position to accelerate creation of policies to mitigate and adapt to the public health emergency that is the climate crisis.


One Earth, Volume 4, Issue 9, 2021, Pages 1262-1277

A Sustainable Agriculture Matrix to track performance of countries worldwide is discussed here. Priority areas for improving agricultural sustainability depend on development stage. Analysis of trade-offs and synergies among indicators can inform national policies.

Ageing Research Reviews, Volume 70, September 2021

Multiple factors such genetics, metabolism, and lifestyle factors are involved in both COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s disease.

Behavioural Brain Research, Volume 414, 24 September 2021

Studies have shown that the RhoA/ROCK signaling pathway can promote Alzheimer's disease and therefore, ROCK is a promising drug target in AD.

Renewable Energy Systems

Modelling, Optimization and Control, Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (ANDC), 2021, Pages 687-705

This book chapter addresses SDG 7 by explaining how a stand-alone solar PV/wind hybrid system works including necessary controlling and modeling.