Climate change


The Journal of Climate Change and Health,
Volume 6,

In this review paper, we highlight the health implications associated with climate change in Afghanistan and discuss preventive measures to tackle the climate-associated adverse health conditions in the future.
Examination of the life-centred design approach, which provides a more holistic perspective to the production of interactive products by decentring humans. Article puts forward a practical framework for life-centred design, allowing for environmental and ethical concerns to be highlighted.

Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities, 2022, Pages 19-29

This book chapter advances SDGs 13, 7, and 11 by explaining how to promote the transition toward future cities models based on efficient resource consumption and effective implementation of neutral circular economy urban strategies.

Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities, 2022, Pages 141-194

This book chapter advances SDGs 13, 7, and 11 by presenting a set of parameters, operational strategies, and guidelines for a Net-Zero Energy City.
Climate policy targets.
An Article in support of SDGs 3 and 13, investigating the effect of climate change on malaria transmission across different geographical regions
Milk alternatives are compared from an environmental and nutritional point of view for more sustainable food systems.
Identifies funding, research, and development pathways for emissions reduction via carbon capture and storage.
The goal of global food security will be achieved only by improving the qualitative and quantitative traits of crops through exploitation of metabolic pathways involving advanced analytical tools and technologies.
This Review supports SDGs 3 and 13, reviewing the complex interactions involved in the relationship between drought and adherence to antiretroviral therapy in Africa.