Legal and human rights issues of AI: Gaps, challenges and vulnerabilities

Elsevier, Journal of Responsible Technology, Volume 4, 2020, 100005
Rowena Rodrigues

This article focusses on legal and human rights issues of artificial intelligence (AI) being discussed and debated, how they are being addressed, gaps and challenges, and affected human rights principles. Such issues include: algorithmic transparency, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, unfairness, bias and discrimination, lack of contestability, legal personhood issues, intellectual property issues, adverse effects on workers, privacy and data protection issues, liability for damage and lack of accountability. The article uses the frame of ‘vulnerability’ to consolidate the understanding of critical areas of concern and guide risk and impact mitigation efforts to protect human well-being. While recognising the good work carried out in the AI law space, and acknowledging this area needs constant evaluation and agility in approach, this article advances the discussion, which is important given the gravity of the impacts of AI technologies, particularly on vulnerable individuals and groups, and their human rights.