A Health Policy paper in support of SDGs 2 and 3, calling on the World Health Assembly to pass a resolution for universal mandatory folic acid fortification to prevent the development of spina bifida and anencephaly and to help countries reach their 2030 Sustainable Development Goals on child mortality and health equity.
In a 2019 national survey, 3.1% (95% confidence interval, 2.6%-3.5%) of practicing US physicians self-reported a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.2 Although the prevalence of reported disabilities in physicians is less than the general population, physicians may choose to not disclose their disabilities, especially hidden disabilities.
An Article in support of SDG 3, examining the treatment pathway for hip replacements over the life of the patient in terms of risk of revision and re-revisions.
This Article supports SDGs 3 and 10, assessing the effect of housing modifications of disability outcomes, with a particular focus on the ageing population.

The Lancet Planetary Health, Volume 6, July 2022

This Viewpoint supports SDGs 2 and 15 by highlighting the importance of trees and forests to food systems, and exploring how the value of trees and forests in this regard can be enhanced to improve nutritional and environmental sustainability.
This Article supports SDG 3 by using a novel individual-based mathematical model to describe HIV transmission dynamics in heterosexual sex work networks in the Middle East and north Africa to estimate HIV incidence and the potential impact of interventions among female sex workers, clients, and client spouses.
Graphical abstract
This longitudinal study looks at the aging characteristics of those infected with HIV, and suggests a role for HIV in the earlier onset of clinical aging.
Figure 1. Prevalence of modern contraceptive methods among women of reproductive age (15–49 years) and demand satisfied with modern contraceptive methods by location, 2019
This Article supports SDG 3, 4, and 5 by highlighting that more than 160 million women aged 15-24 years globally have a need for contraception that is not currently met by existing family planning programs, thus hindering or eliminating their education and employment opportunities.
The way how the emergence of mitochondria research field improved our knowledge on the hmajor metabolic pathways. How mitochondria 3-D architecture fits with different cellular and physiological functions. Putative interlink between mitochondrial dysfunction and neurodegeneration – the cases of AD and PD. Strategies to develop a mitochondria-targeted therapy for neurodegenerative diseases.
graphical abstract from Influence of hepatitis C viral parameters on pregnancy complications and risk of mother-to-child transmission
Hepatitis C has increased in women of childbearing age and has important implications in women who become pregnant and their infants. The effect that hepatitis C has on pregnancy outcomes was evaluated as well as the rate of hepatitis C transmission to infants in a large database with linked mother-infant records. It was found that active hepatitis C during pregnancy increased the risk of pregnancy complications. Also identified were very low rates of testing of infants born to mothers with hepatitis C but found higher rates of hepatitis C transmission to infants in mothers with higher virus levels.