Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 40, April 2023

This review artcile, with contributionsform allover the world, describes various approaches to convert plastic wastes into new products known as an efficient way to manage them and to enhance the sustainability of the environment.
The current review on atmospheric M/NPs is therefore focusing on sampling, sample preparation and identification methods. The approach will enable knowledge gaps to be identified, and recommendations to be made to support standardized and comparable future research

Trends in Immunology, Volume 44, April 2023

Human immunodeficiency virus and Simian immunodeficiency (SIV) are highly immune evasive viruses with few vulnerabilities. Cytomegalovirus vector-programmed MHC-E-restricted CD8+ T cells can mediate complete replication arrest of primary SIV infection with subsequent viral clearance; this approach may be promising for putative vaccines or immuno-therapeutics against HIV.
The introduction of long-acting injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis adds to the choice of HIV-prevention options; this study assesses the potential impact of roll-out in the refion with the highest HIV burden.
Interesting paper that reviews the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and socioeconomic conditions in 120 countries for elderly men and women.
Good paper on how electroencephalography monitoring is being used as a method to diagnose Alzheimer's.
TB is often reported in people with HIV, in whom isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) is a treamtent regimen used to prevent TB infection. However, when mothers with HIV recieived IPT during their pregnancy, their babies were associated with an increased risk low birth weight, preterm birth, and becoming under weight. Males seemed to be particularly effected. This brings into question the use of IPT in pregnant women with HIV as the health-care communitry seeks to reach SDGs 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.
Graph showing Monkeypox cases and doses of vaccine administered, British Columbia, May to September 2022.
As the primary public health strategy for controlling the 2022 Mpox outbreak, it is critical to evaluate the impact of Mpox vaccination campaigns for transgender people and gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (T/GBM). We measured vaccine uptake and associated factors among T/GBM clients of an urban STI clinic in British Columbia (BC)

Handbook of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Disorder Case Studies and Application for Adults, 2023, Pages 1-8

This content aligns with Goal 3: Good Health as well as Goal 17: Partnership for the goals by reviewing cognitive behavioral therapy.
In this insightful World Health Day episode of the “World We Want” podcast series, Samy Ahmar, the Head of Global Health in Save the Children UK speaks to Márcia Balisciano about universal challenges facing children, inclusive and accessible healthcare, and the role of government and NGOs. Samy also explores the highly complex factors influencing childhood health, including climate change, the over prescription of antibiotics and antimalarial drugs, infection disease and more.