Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Diverse hunks of science information successfully reduce global warming denial. Scientific literacy in climate change education crucially facilitates acceptance. Directly addressing climate misinformation is useful in climate change cognition.
This article highlights the importance of extra support for those with learning disabilities.
Research looking at effective policies required to improve the feeding practices of pregnant women and improve nutritional status of children in the Andean region.
A review of the Mental Health Act reform and how it is a shift toward preventative measures along with a call for new measures.
A "train the trainer" approach to facilitate incorporation of climate-content into residency curriculum.
This paper presents research on the importance of teaching language skills.
Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued a Call to Action to implement the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. Priorities include adopting a public health approach, focusing on socioeconomic risks, and improving suicide-related data.

Preventive Medicine, Volume 152, Part 1, September 2021

This review summarizes recent research in four environmental areas affecting risk of deaths by suicide: political, social, cultural and economic.
Factors previously associated with suicide are associated with risk of suicidal and self-harm behaviors in cyberbullying.