Alternative emission monitoring technologies and industrial internet of things–based process monitoring technologies for achieving operational excellence

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 23, June 2020
Gai H., Beath J., Fang J., Lou H.H.
The process industries have been facing ever increasing pressure in the monitoring and control of gaseous pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants. With increasingly stringent regulations and laws, emission management may need to go beyond the traditional leak detection and repair and continuous emissions monitoring system approaches to manage potential emission events. Alternative monitoring technologies, such as optical and remote sensing instruments and wireless sensors, can monitor emissions from a specific equipment/area/unit/plant in a timely manner. Smart integration of process data and emission data is a key step to achieve operational excellence. By combining alternative emission monitoring technologies with process monitoring technologies based on industrial internet of things, the process industry can utilize process data and emission data seamlessly to reduce emissions, minimize potential risks and achieve operational excellence.