Harnessing artificial intelligence and big data for SDGs and prosperous urban future in South Asia

Elsevier, Environmental and Sustainability Indicators, Volume 11, September 2021
Arfanuzzaman M.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data solutions are currently being utilized to offer low cost and efficient solutions in solving pressing urban socio-economic and environmental problems globally. The study found big data and AI have the potentiality to solve the common urban problems in South Asia and upsurge the efficiency of urban industries, increase competitiveness and productivity of the human and natural resources, reduce the cost of urban service delivery, and build climate resilience. The study has assessed the current AI and big data initiatives and technologies in mitigating the urban development challenges and their potentiality for scaling up in South Asian cities. The study also examined the latest innovations in AI and big data solutions for SDG monitoring and implementation in South Asia and their implication for transformational change. The study suggested that South Asia can harness the maximum benefit of AI and big data technologies by building big data and associated IT infrastructure, advancing research and innovations with regional cooperation, enhancing technological readiness, and eliminating week enabling conditions.