Promotes Goal 5 Gender Equality by proposing ways in which transport can be made safer for women in Bangladesh.
This qualitative study explored experiences of gender discrimination and sexual harassment among male nurses currently working at hospitals in Korea. Male nurses experienced various stereotypes as members of a minority in a female-led profession and experienced gender discrimination by patients, nursing colleagues, and institutions.
A study to determine the knowledge and attitudes of future physicians in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines towards climate change.
Highlights a specific gene's role in the occurrence of depression.

Disaster Resilience and Sustainability, Adaptation for Sustainable Development, 2021, Pages 1-20

This book chapter addresses SDGs 11 and 13 by focusing on disasters in Asia and how building disaster resilience is a multi-faceted challenge that takes partnership, data, work, and past case studies to navigate towards solutions.
This paper looks into the negative effects of slow-onset events related to climate change in Southeast Asia ranging from economic, ecological, and social impacts. As such they require an integrated response option whether mitigation or adaptation that pays attention to the complexity of the intersection between human and natural systems.
Asian deltaic cities are highly populated and suffering from frequent floods. The paper looks into adaptation pathways such as urbanization-induced land, subsidence and SLR in Tokyo, Jakarta, Manila and Ho Chi Minh City. The author assesses how an engineering approach towards flooding adaptation is shaping the future of Asian deltaic cities and whether this would be sustainable. In addition to the main SDGs, this paper is indirectly related to: SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure)
Physical, psychological, social and institutional vulnerabilities and their intersectional associations with slow-onset events of climate change are relevant to understanding multi-level vulnerabilities. This paper emphasizes the need to work with an integrated approach for multi-level vulnerabilities of high-risk groups in Pakistan and proposes building inclusive policy sensitivity to the demands of vulnerable groups. In addition to the main SDGs this title is indirectly related to SDG 5 (Gender Equality)

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Volume 50, June 2021

Focusing on losses and damages associated with drought and water scarcity through a review of cases and policies in seven Asian countries, this paper finds evidence of urban droughts leading to significant tangible losses and intangible losses. Reorienting water management policies, adaptation actions, and interventions in urban areas is essential for effective climate adaptation. In addition to the main SDGs this article is also related to SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDG 15 (Life on Land).
Background: Half of the world's missing female births occur in India, due to sex-selective abortion. It is unknown whether selective abortion of female fetuses has changed in recent years across different birth orders. We sought to document the trends in missing female births, particularly among second and third children, at national and state levels.