Protecting the soil is protecting the climate WASWAC and IUSS position paper on the inter linkages of soil and climate change

Elsevier, Soil Security, Volume 14, March 2024
Rubio J.L., Reyes-Sanchez L.B., Duihu N., Costantini E.A.C., Horn R., Zlatic M.

This position paper elaborates on the significance and implications of the world's soil systems as climate regulators in their still unexploited potential to fight climate change and in the aspiration of modern society aiming at sustainable use of resources and safeguarding of life on the planet. The paper stresses the importance of Soil Management and Land Conservation as essential tools for the longevity of civilizations. Under the current climate change, there is a close relationship between climate factors and soil performance, but soil influences climate parameters, making it an important climate regulator. The text calls for a vision that recognizes soil as a natural system with socio-economic benefits and ecological functions and mentions the European Green Deal and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as initiatives addressing soil and land issues. The text emphasizes the need for a profound and intelligent radical change in environmental, social, and economic approaches to address climate change. It highlights the responsibility of the current generation to make the right choices for the planet and future generations.