The road to Glasgow

Elsevier, The Lancet Planetary Health, Volume 5, Issue 10, 2021, Page e659,
The Lancet Planetary Health

The Glasgow Climate Conference (COP26) is rapidly approaching and hopes remain high for substantial new climate commitments sufficient to keep global average climate warming of 2°C (or less) within reach. The road to Glasgow is still far from smooth, however, having already been delayed by a year due to COVID-19. Now pandemic-related travel restrictions and associated costs are threatening to prevent the poorest nations from being able to fully participate.

So concerned were the Climate Action Network (CAN)—a global network of civil society organisations working together to fight the climate emergency—that they recently called for COP26 to be postponed. Not a proposition any climate advocacy group would take lightly. CAN cited vaccine inequity, unaffordable accommodation, travel challenges and new surges in the COVID-19 pandemic as their reasons for postponement. Arguing that the de facto exclusion of a huge number of developing country delegates will undermine the COP26 process and outcomes.