Smart recycling of carbon oxides: Current status of methanation reaction

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 26, December 2020
Malara A., Frontera P., Antonucci P., Macario A.
Among the major pollutants in the atmosphere, carbon oxides are the result of multiple factors, mainly due to human activities. Nowadays, the decrease in carbon oxides emissions represents a pressing challenge necessary to limit their harmful effects on the climate change. As a result, numerous strategies dedicated to the environmental preservation are currently under study and, among these, all that kind of technologies that produce power from renewable sources offer promising solutions. In this view, the Power-to-Gas technology is investigated with particular interest by the scientific community. Indeed, it can be used in the easy conversion of carbon oxides into synthetic methane through the well-assessed methanation process, properly catalyzed by means of a catalyst.This work aims to outline the current status on Power-to-Gas technology, envisaged as a promising solution for smart recycling of carbon oxides. The feasibility of the process has even been considered from an environmental impact perspective, thanks to the life cycle assessment instrument.