Strigolactone GR24-mediated mitigation of phosphorus deficiency through mycorrhization in aerobic rice

Elsevier, Current Research in Microbial Sciences, Volume 6, January 2024
Mitra D., Panneerselvam P., Chidambaranathan P., Nayak A.K., Priyadarshini A., Senapati A. et al.

Strigolactones (SLs) are a new class of plant hormones that play a significant role in regulating various aspects of plant growth promotion, stress tolerance and influence the rhizospheric microbiome. GR24 is a synthetic SL analog used in scientific research to understand the effects of SL on plants and to act as a plant growth promoter. This study aimed to conduct hormonal seed priming at different concentrations of GR24 (0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 5.0 and 10.0 µM with and without arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) inoculation in selected aerobic rice varieties (CR Dhan 201, CR Dhan 204, CR Dhan 205, and CR Dhan 207), Kasalath-IC459373 (P-tolerant check), and IR-36 (P-susceptible check) under phosphorus (P)-deficient conditions to understand the enhancement of growth and priming effects in mycorrhization. Our findings showed that seed priming with 5.0 µM SL GR24 enhanced the performance of mycorrhization in CR Dhan 205 (88.91 %), followed by CR Dhan 204 and 207, and AMF sporulation in CR Dhan 201 (31.98 spores / 10 gm soil) and CR Dhan 207 (30.29 spores / 10 g soil), as well as rice growth. The study showed that the highly responsive variety CR Dhan 207 followed by CR Dhan 204, 205, 201, and Kasalath IC459373 showed higher P uptake than the control, and AMF treated with 5.0 µM SL GR24 varieties CR Dhan 205 followed by CR Dhan 207 and 204 showed the best performance in plant growth, chlorophyll content, and soil functional properties, such as acid and alkaline phosphatase activity, soil microbial biomass carbon (MBC), dehydrogenase activity (DHA), and fluorescein diacetate activity (FDA). Overall, AMF intervention with SL GR24 significantly increased plant growth, soil enzyme activity, and uptake of P compared to the control. Under P-deficient conditions, seed priming with 5.0 µM strigolactone GR24 and AMF inoculum significantly increased selected aerobic rice growth, P uptake, and soil enzyme activities. Application of SLs formulations with AMF inoculum in selected aerobic rice varieties, CR Dhan 207, CR Dhan 204, and CR Dhan 205, will play an important role in mycorrhization, growth, and enhancement of P utilization under P- nutrient deficient conditions.