Towards electric digital twin grid: Technology and framework review

Elsevier, Energy and AI, Volume 11, January 2023
Sifat M.M.H., Choudhury S.M., Das S.K., Ahamed M.H., Muyeen S.M., Hasan M.M. et al.

The major hindrances in the energy system are ecological consciousness, lack of clean and sustainable energy management, insufficient energy distribution–transmission–optimization, expensive power transfer costs, and increased customer knowledge of energy charges. Thus why, universal access to the grid with high cybersecurity, and reliability is needed to solve all these challenges. The digital twin concept turns a new dimension of technology into the world. Electric Digital Twin grid can perform online analysis of the grid in real-time and integrates all the past and present data and express the current grid status to the producers and consumers and also predicts the future grid status. Thus, the power grid transmission loss and location of the overheated line and power connection missing can be detected in addition decision-making and self-healing can possible. The future prediction saves the power grid from small to long accidents such as power outages and even blackout problems. The whole consumers and nation feel relief from these types of accidents and saves from large economic and business loss. The blockchain-enabled digital twin grid provides high security for the grid from cyberattacks. The paper conveys the framework of the electric digital twin grid and the concept of the DT grid processing and the way of serving the producer, prosumers, consumers even the whole nation in infrastructure, education, research, economic, business, and political development.