Transforming innovation policy in the context of global security

Elsevier, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Volume 43, June 2022
Kivimaa P.
Historically STI policy is connected to national security and the military. Yet, contemporary innovation policy is rarely discussed in a security context. This perspective argues that new, transformation-oriented innovation policies should more explicitly consider (a) the side-effects of policies on global security and (b) how the global security context influences the achievement of transitions. This need is further extrapolated by the current period of rapid major shifts in the global security landscape. The perspective suggests that policymakers should be proactive in setting criteria and evaluating the security implications of innovation and transitions. Innovation policy should anticipate the side-effects of innovation and transitions. It should also be flexible. This means reflection on the different positive uses and cascading effects of innovations for transitions, and responses to geopolitical developments. Improved dialog between innovation policymakers and other policy domains, and between scholars from different disciplines is vital.