Agricultural Waste Diversity and Sustainability Issues - Chapter 6: New approach and prospects of agrowaste resources conversion for energy systems performance and development

Elsevier, Agricultural Waste Diversity and Sustainability Issues, Sub-Saharan Africa as a Case Study, 2021, Pages 97-118
Peter Onu and Charles Mbohwa

The development of renewables and alternative technologies to ensure eco-friendly measures and meet the production of natural gas shows considerable growth potential for the electrification of modern cities and isolated or rural communities. Biofuels are achieved from oil-based producing crops and other biodegradable agricultural residues and biomass feedstocks that have undergone several processes to yield alcohol, in the form of ethanol. This chapter addresses the occurrence, techniques, and strategies of biofuel production, with inference to the classification and characteristics of the fuels. A concentrated assessment of agrowaste conversion has been reported, offering vital contributions to the understanding of the properties of biofuels. This chapter contends with sustainable industrial agriculture solutions for developing countries and sub-Saharan Africa in perspective.