Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Pathways for Cancer Care in the Community: 6 - Evaluation and Treatment in the Underserved Community

Elsevier, Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Pathways for Cancer Care in the Community 2024, Pages 40-44
Jennifer Jarvey Balistreri, Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharya

This chapter dives into some of the multiple layers within community outreach and health equity for cancer screening, education, and prevention. It will provide an understanding of the many moving pieces within this topic, as well as variables that remain consistent no matter the current health and social climates at hand. Within this chapter, we take a look at experiential approaches, external stakeholders, various unique under-empowered populations, and best practices to fostering effective and sustainable community outreach and health equity. Examples from the field are offered to illustrate the utility of this approach in practice. All of the approaches covered in this chapter include some of the same principles too. These principles first and foremost begin with building and sustaining a relationship with the community. All of the practices reviewed in this chapter share the common goal of health equity, meaning each member of the community is given an opportunity to obtain high-quality healthcare regardless of their differences from one another.