Climate Change, Third Edition: Chapter 1 - Global warming - a complex situation

Elsevier, Trevor M. Letcher, 1 - Global warming—a complex situation, Editor(s): Trevor M. Letcher, Climate Change (Third Edition), Elsevier, 2021, Pages 3-17
Trevor M. Letcher

In this chapter, the greenhouse effect, global warming, and the feedback mechanisms are presented in terms of concentration of greenhouse gases. The present global warming situation is discussed together with the problem of CO2 pollution and the slow replacement of fossil fuel by renewable forms of energy. The urgency of the need to reduce CO2 pollution is stressed. The possible relationship between COVID-19 and other zoonotic diseases is commented on, and the question is posed as to why the world is so slow in overcoming global warming? The social and ethical impacts of climate change and, finally, possible solutions to overcoming the reticence of the general population and governments in tackling global warming are discussed.