Encyclopedia of Nanomaterials - Supported nanosized metal catalysts for thermocatalytic CO2 reduction to hydrocarbons and alcohols

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Nanomaterials, Volume , 1 January 2023
Etim U.J., Zhong Z.

CO2 reduction to fuels and chemicals using renewable energy is an important approach to achieving net zero CO2 emissions. The design of efficient heterogeneous catalysts for this process is fundamental to activating the kinetically stable CO2 molecules. Nanosized metal catalysts exhibit enhanced catalytic activities because of the increased active sites on their surface and the modified electronic and geometric structures. Both noble and transition metal catalysts can catalyze CO2 hydrogenation to various products, depending on the bulk and surface chemistries. This article discusses the chemistry of and catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to alcohols and hydrocarbons.