Health Care Today in the United States; Chapter 4 - Legal and ethical aspects of health care

Elsevier, Health Care Today in the United States 2023, Pages 47-67
Jahangir Moini MD, MPH, Oyindamola Akinso DrPH, MPH, MCHES(R), Katia Ferdowsi MD, MPH, Morvarid Moini DMD, MPH

Health care professionals must understand how laws and ethics affect their daily jobs. Patients have specific rights, responsibilities, and concerns about medical laws and ethics. When a client is unhappy with their health care treatments, resulting in legal proceedings in a court of law. A lawsuit may fall under state or federal jurisdiction. For an intentional tort, the injured party can bring on a civil lawsuit, and be financially compensated by the person who committed the tort. Negligence causes patient injury because of failing to take ordinary precautions when working with the patient. A malpractice claim is when a patient brings a lawsuit against a physician because of an error in treatment or diagnosis. Development of medicine requires similar development of these topics in relation to health care. Along with this development, rising costs for health care impact legal and ethical scenarios even further. Therefore it is essential to be aware of legal and ethical issues that govern health care for all patients.