Nanomaterials for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion Technologies - Chapter 2: Basic principles of CO2 capture and conversion technologies

Elsevier, Nanomaterials for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion Technologies, 2023, pp 25-61
Yee Ho Chai, Nor Adilla Rashidi, Mustakimah Mohamed, Bridgid Lai Fui Chin, Suzana Yusup

As innovations in carbon capture technologies mature, high research interests are also inclined toward converting captured CO2 into marketable commodity products by means of various conversion technologies, such as electrolysis, photocatalysis, biohybrid, nanoporous confinement, and CO2-based polymer synthesis by chain insertion technologies. This book chapter reviews various CO2 capture and conversion technologies, their technological limitations and prospects as a potential game-changer for the by-production of fuel and building materials via CO2 conversion.