Prevention of Valve Fugitive Emissions in the Oil and Gas Industry - Chapter 2: Fugitive emissions from piping and valves

Elsevier, Prevention of Valve Fugitive Emissions in the Oil and Gas Industry, 2021, Pages 37-65
Karan Sotoodeh

This chapter provides definition to fugitive emission and the negative consequences of fugitive emission on environment mainly. Different regulations addressing fugitive emission such as Environment Protection Agency in the United States, TA Luft in Germany, and Kyoto Protocol are explained briefly. Fugitive emission pollutants such as volatile organic compounds are addressed in this chapter. Different components and facilities which cause fugitive emission such as valves, pumps, and compressors are reviewed in this chapter. The main conclusion is that valves have the main and most contribution to environmental pollution. Different sections of the valves which are subject to leakage and emission are discussed in this chapter. The key factors in valves to reduce the chance of fugitive emission are discussed. The last and the most important part provides a practical approach for leak detection and repair.