Solar Hybrid Systems - Chapter 3: Why Solar Hybrid System?

Elsevier, Solar Hybrid Systems, Design and Application, 2021, Pages 47-68
Ahmet Aktaş and Yağmur Kirçiçek

This chapter answers the question of why solar hybrid systems are used together. The necessity of solar hybrid systems and their use with more than one power generation unit are explained. Passive and active solar system applications and power generation equations of these units are given. Its use with wind energy systems, which has become essential for use in solar hybrid systems, has been explained. In this chapter the role of energy storage systems that are complementary to renewable energy sources in solar hybrid structures is explained. How the solar hybrid systems are used for what purposes are explained in detail. A 1-week real solar hybrid system data were given and the analysis interpretation is made in this chapter. The reasons and benefits of using solar hybrid systems together are explained.