Solar PV Power - Chapter 7: Off-grid solar photovoltaic systems

Elsevier, Solar PV Power, Design, Manufacturing and Applications from Sand to Systems, 2021, Pages 267-315
Rabindra Satpathy and Venkateswarlu Pamuru

The off-grid solar PV systems have many applications in the area of telecommunications, agriculture and rural development, lighting systems, and any appliance that needs power. The components of the off-grid solar PV system such as the off-grid inverter, lead acid and Li-ion batteries, and their requirements are discussed. The design methodology of a module mounting system is presented and different MMS configurations are discussed. The design methodology of an off-grid PV system considering the energy balance method is presented. The examples of design for home power systems and systems to support the load of a telecom tower are presented. The reliability and lifecycle costing aspects of off-grid systems are also discussed. The loss of load probability method for off-grid system is discussed.