Leveraging Technology for Advancing The Rule of Law Across Southeast Asia

RELX, November 2023


In this episode of the "World We Want" podcast, Márcia Balisciano speaks to Gaythri Raman, Managing Director of Southeast Asia, LexisNexis. They talk about Ms. Raman’s efforts in leveraging AI-powered legal innovations in transforming the legal business and advancing the rule of law across Southeast Asia, with the goal to address statelessness and enabling access to justice through key projects with world leaders committed to social justice even in remote jungles across Borneo.

Gaythri Raman

Gaythri Raman is the Managing Director of LexisNexis Southeast Asia, responsible for the adoption of online solutions for litigation across government and corporate segments throughout Southeast Asia. She is a strong advocate for the transformation of the legal business by leveraging legal innovations, and her vision has led the way for the legal industry in Southeast Asia. As a changemaker, Gaythri has led the print -to-digital transformation of a 90-year-old business in the last five years. Under her leadership, her team have successfully created and launched multiple award-winning AI-powered solutions for legal professionals in Malaysia and Singapore, enabling the use of cutting-edge Large Language Model on premier local legal content.  Gaythri is passionate about advancing the rule of law. She believes technology can be a powerful enabler in providing access to justice, improving She and her team have worked on multiple rule of law projects, notably with Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Laureate and State Counsellor of Myanmar in the nation’s democratisation process prior to the coup in 2021, working with the United Nations Global Compact to launch the Business for the Rule of Law Framework and key projects across Asia to provide transparency in laws. She and her team have been supporting the Mobile Court of Sabah and efforts to address statelessness and enabling access to justice in the jungles of Borneo since 2018. Gaythri is a purposeful leader and believes in leveraging the skills and passion of her followers to make a positive impact in society. She welcomes all opportunities to collaborate to change the world for the better and sees herself as a lifelong student with the world as her inspiration.