Podcast: How Second Chance Hiring Can Uncover Untapped Talent


On this podcast, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) CEO and President Johnny C. Taylor Jr. speaks with XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld about the importance of second chance hiring of individuals with a criminal history. Taylor said employers cannot afford to ignore this untapped talent pool, especially amidst the growing labor shortage.

Since taking the helm at SHRM nearly two years ago, Taylor has made this issue a top priority for the 300,000-plus member organization. One CEO told Taylor, "We are flush with cash. Our problem is human capital. We can't find enough of the right people with the right skills." That comment leads Taylor to call it "simply good business" for employers to tap into the formerly incarcerated.

An added benefit to this talent acquisition strategy is that it can increase an organization's diversity as well. But despite SHRM's push for second chance hiring, Taylor noted that the organization does not support a national "ban the box" law affecting private employers, but he does strongly advocate that employers not automatically disqualify applicants with a criminal history from consideration.