Derisking and the demise of correspondent banking relationships

Demise of correspondent banking relationships - SDG Resource Centre
Accuity, September 2017

Our latest research

In 2017, Accuity conducted research on trends in correspondent banking relationships worldwide. The research covered the 8 years from 2009 to 2016 and looked at the number of bank branches, headquarters and correspondent banking relationships.

Correspondent banking is the cornerstone of the global payment system, designed to serve the settlement of financial transactions across country borders. It allows companies and individuals to safely move money around the world and supports and encourages global trade.

The research points to a global shift in correspondent banking activity. Despite an overall increase in bank branches and locations, the number of worldwide correspondent banking
relationships – where one financial institution provides services on behalf of another in a different location – has been in steady decline since 2009, falling by 25% overall.

This report looks at the implication of this decline, explores regional trends and, based on Accuity’s work with financial institutions in emerging markets, suggests an antidote for blanket derisking.