OPAL Case Study: Unlocking Private Sector Data

The purpose of this case study is to better understand GPSDD’s contribution to and outcomes to-date of the collaborative Open Algorithms (OPAL) Initiative. To capture the dynamism of the collaborative process, the case studies are designed to explore outcomes at the various stages of the process which can be broadly categorized as: 1. Catalyze connections between stakeholders; 2. Coordinate to understand the issue, develop, and prioritize solutions; 3. Impact decision-making by using, sharing, adapting, and re-using data. This activity is considered to be in stage 2. We hope to do a follow up case study to further explore and document outcomes from stage 3. This case study was written in collaboration with DataPop Alliance and includes direct inputs from Orange, IPAR, FIP, and panelists from the 2018 OPAL World Data Forum session, as well as secondary information gathered through a number of reports.