SDG Stocktake

Strengthening the private sector’s contributions to the 2030 Agenda

Front cover of SDG Stocktake report

Released at the midpoint to 2030, the United Nations Global Compact-Accenture Global Private Sector Stocktake report surveyed over 2,800 business leaders from around the world and shows that the private sector is a critical stakeholder in achieving the SDGs. Currently, only fifteen per cent of the SDG targets are on track, progress on forty-eight per cent is weak and insufficient and progress has stalled or gone into reverse on thirty-seven per cent of the SDGs.

The report provides insight into

  • The current state of the SDGs and the business potential that comes with accelerated action
  • Ten pathways for every business to shape their own contribution to the SDGs and the priority actions your company can take
  • Practical applications and key insights from resources, case studies and real world company examples

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