The 2024 KSU Hackathon for Social Good

George S Foreman

Since 2017 HPCC Systems has taken part in Kennesaw State University’s annual Hackathon for Social Good held at the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center, Marietta Campus. The goal of this hackathon is to connect students with companies through workshops and mentoring to achieve a final product that can in some way help the community. This year was no different and in fact, was the most in-depth challenge HPCC Systems has offered so far. This year the Help Missing Kids Challenge was introduced.

The Help Missing Kids Challenge is the result of years of support between LexisNexis Risk Solutions and NCMEC (the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children). LexisNexis Risk Solutions became partners with NCMEC in the year 2000 by developing the Automated Delivery of Alerts on Missing Children, now known as The ADAMTM Program.