Anemia hematinic deficiencies and hyperhomocysteinemia in gastric parietal cell antibody-positive and -negative burning mouth syndrome patients

Elsevier, Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Volume 120, Issue 2, 2021
Meng-Ling Chiang, Yu-Hsueh Wu, Julia Yu-Fong Chang, Yi-Ping Wang, Yang-Che Wu, Andy Sun.

Our previous study found the serum gastric parietal cell antibody (GPCA) positivity in 12.3% of burning mouth syndrome (BMS) patients. This study assessed whether GPCA-positive BMS (GPCA+BMS) patients had significantly higher frequencies of macrocytosis, anemia, hematinic deficiencies, and hyperhomocysteinemia than healthy control subjects or GPCA-negative BMS (GPCA−BMS) patients.