GenderInSITE and the Elsevier Foundation partnership

Participants of the GenderInSITE-Elsevier Foundation workshop in Buenos Aires (left to right): Louise Morley, María Bustelo, Eve Langelier, Judith Zubieta, Alice Abreu, Mary Murphy, Liisa Husu, Maxime Forest, Gloria Bonder, Rachel Palmen, Beatriz Macedo,
Elsevier, The Elsevier Foundation

GenderInSITE or Gender in science, innovation, technology and engineering (SITE) is an international initiative to promote the role of women in science, innovation, technology and engineering, and to demonstrate how applying a gender lens to SITE can provide decision makers with deeper insights, more effective programs and more sustainable outcomes in development.

In many countries, women are poorly represented at decision-making and management levels in the SITE sector. Studies over the last 20 years show that women and men are affected in different ways when SITE is applied to development. We believe that applying a gender lens to SITE-for-development policies – taking into account the vision, concerns and abilities of both women and men – leads to more effective, insightful long-term solutions.

The Elsevier Foundation has been a long-time advisor and supporter of GenderInSITE, most recently providing a $40,000 grant for two thematic workshops in 2017: one addressing Latin America, exploring how a gender perspective in science education is indispensable to a sustainable development and the second in the South African region focusing on Gender and Innovation.