Grant will support Doctors without Borders’ research and training hub in Niger

MSF Doctors conduct a Phase III rotavirus vaccine trial at Epicentre’s Niger Research Center at the Maradi Hospital. (Photo © KRISHAN Cheyenne/MSF)
Elsevier, Elsevier Connect, October 2016
Ylann Schemm

Elsevier and international humanitarian-aid organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have joined forces in tackling some of Africa’s most pressing health challenges, including diarrhea and infectious diseases. As part of the agreement, the Elsevier Foundation has awarded a $300,000 partnership grant to Epicentre’s Niger Research Center, which since 2014 has been developing a new vaccine to fight Rotavirus - a solution that is cheap and presents more thermostability, essential in Niger's exteme weather conditions. The three-year partnership will support the development of Epicentre’s medical staff training and mentoring and aims to boost the Center’s overall visibility through a “Scientific Day” Conference to be held in Niger.