Adapting, surviving, discovering: Creative practitioners in the COVID-19 crisis

Elsevier, Journal of Creativity, Volume 32, Issue 2, August  2022, article 100027.
Valeria Duarte, David Gauntlett,

This study investigates how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the work and creative practice of individuals who identify as artists, producers or makers. Through qualitative, open-ended interviews, this research demonstrates that, regardless of the many obstacles creators had to face, the pandemic translated into an opportunity to advance new knowledge about themselves, their values and motivations, and identify how they would like to manage their creative practice in the future. The paper ends with three key findings. First, the challenges of this time prompted participants to generate new perceptions of their creative identity. Second, they often found a valuable connection to nature and ‘the great outdoors’ amid the pandemic. Third, the most pressing challenges they had to face were related to their mental health and financial stability.