Analysis of micro and nanoplastics: How green are the methodologies used?

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 2021, 100503,
Yolanda Picó, Damià Barceló

Micro and nanoplastic (MP and NP) pollution is among the global environmental concerns of the 21st century due to its transboundary distribution and persistence. The number of studies focused on the determination of microplastics in air, water, sediment, soil and biota of an important number of ecosystems has increased exponentially. However, the impact that the methodologies used to isolate and determine MPs and NPs have on the environment due to the consumption of reagents and energy and the generation of waste is not study yet. This review presents a critical overview of the analytical methodologies applied to MPs and NPs determination assessing their greenness through National Environmental Methods Index, Analytical Eco-scale and AGREE metrics and discussing green issues related to the consumption of solvents/reagents, etc.