Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging and its Impact on the Rare Disease Community: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities

Statistics related to the epidemiology of RDs and the importance of early diagnosis.
Elsevier, PET Clinics, Volume 17, January 2022
Hasani N., Farhadi F., Morris M.A., Nikpanah M., Rhamim A., Xu Y. et al.

Individually Rare, Together Common: Almost 1 in 10 individuals can suffer from one of many rare diseases (RDs).

The RD community must be recognized and have a seat at the table of AI stakeholders.

Physicians are expected to be able to diagnose and treat those with common and rare diseases. A similar expectation must be present for AI solutions.

There is a significant need to recognize the challenge of data imbalance in RDs and to make concerted efforts to provide technical recommendations and guidelines.

A nationwide RD data repository is an indispensable prerequisite for a fair AI ecosystem.

The RD community should be protected from any misuses or abuses of AI systems that lead to discrimination.