Assessing the inclusion of health in national climate commitments: Towards accountability for planetary health ✰

Elsevier, Journal of Climate Change and Health, Volume 5, February 2022
Beagley J., van Daalen K.R., Castillo B.P., Jung L., Wyns A., Mattijsen J.C. et al.

In recognition of the need to monitor the implications of national climate policies for health, and in continuation of prior assessments of health in NDCs [10,11], the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) and partners have collaborated to produce the Healthy NDCs Scorecard [12]. First launched in July 2021, the September iteration of the Scorecard evaluates 67 updated or enhanced NDCs spanning 93 countries (the EU27 submits a single joint NDC) for their ambition and inclusion of health considerations, across a range of categories.