Assessing wellbeing: Profiling and socioeconomic status of Kenyir Lake side community, Malaysia

Elsevier, Heliyon, Volume 9, June 2023
Ab Manaf N., Sa'at N.H., A Rahim N.A.A., Kamaruddin S.N.A.A., Abdullah S.S., Omar K.

The Kenyir Lake side community offers numerous advantages to the local community. However, the problems of backwardness and poverty have been identified as the government's main challenges in its efforts to develop the community and maximise the advantages. Therefore, this study was conducted to identify the Kenyir Lake community's profile and assess its well-being. The study was conducted in three sub-districts near Tasik Kenyir, namely Kuala Berang, Hulu Telemong, and Jenagor, with a total of 510 respondents, who are heads of households (HOH). This study was carried out using a quantitative approach using questionnaire with a simple random sampling method. The findings of this study offered demographic profiling and discovered nine indicators of well-being, namely 1) Life Achievement, 2) Health Level, 3) Family Relationship, 4) Community Relationship, 5) Spiritual Level, 6) Safety Level and Social Problems, 7) Income or Finance, 8) Basic Facilities, and 9) Communication Technology. The study found that most respondents are satisfied with their lives now compared to 10 years ago. This study will help many parties to develop the Kenyir Lake Side Community, starting from the local authorities to the highest administration in the country.