Assessment of compost maturity-stability indices and recent development of composting bin

Elsevier, Energy Nexus, Volume 6, 100062
Saswa Mahapatra, Md. Hibzur Ali, Kundan Samal

Biological conversion of organic solid wastes to stabilized organic matter (OM) with high plant nutrient makes composting an ideal technique for managing solid waste. Present review summarizes the various bins manufactured around the world that are used for the composting of organic solid waste. The knowledge about various indices related to the composting process has become an important and wider area of research in the current time. The review therefore focuses on the various stability and maturity indices of composting process and lays emphasis on the advantages and uses of the matured compost. Composting bins are useful in converting organic wastes to useful compost at municipal level or at home. Organic wastes such as the kitchen waste like food scraps, food preparation residuals, etc. and garden wastes such as leaves, branches of trees, grass clipping, etc can easily be converted into compost with the use of these bins. This can be helpful in conservation of energy and natural resource, reduce air and water pollution and help in saving landfill space.