Bio-based sustainable aerogels: New sensation in CO<inf>2</inf> capture

Elsevier, Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 3, June 2020
Verma A., Thakur S., Goel G., Raj J., Gupta V.K., Roberts D. et al.
Bio-based aerogels with customizable porosities and functionalities constitute a significant potential for CO2 capture. Developing bio-based aerogels from different polysaccharides and proteins is a safe, economical, and environmentally sustainable approach. Polysaccharides are biodegradable, sustainable, renewable, and plentiful in nature. Because of these advantages, the use of bio-based aerogels with porosity and amine functionality has attracted considerable interest. In this review, we have discussed the recent development in the synthesis of bio-based aerogels and their application in CO2 capture.