Brain functional connectivities that mediate the association between childhood traumatic events, and adult mental health and cognition

Elsevier, eBioMedicine, Volume 79, May 2022
Wan Z., Rolls E.T., Feng J., Cheng W.
Background: Childhood traumatic events are risk factors for psychopathology, but large-scale studies of how childhood traumatic events relate to mental health and cognition in adulthood, and how the brain is involved, are needed. Methods: The associations between childhood traumatic events (such as abuse and neglect, and defined by the ‘Childhood Trauma’ questions in the UK Biobank database) and brain functional connectivity, mental health problems, and cognitive performance were investigated by a univariate correlation analysis with 19,535 participants aged 45–79 from the UK Biobank dataset. The results were replicated with 17,747 independent participants in the second release from the same dataset. Findings: Childhood traumatic events were significantly associated with mental health problems in adulthood including anxiety (r=0.19, p