Burden of chronic hepatitis B and C infections in 2015 and future trends in Japan: A simulation study

Elsevier, The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, Volume 22, 2022, 100428
Junko Tanaka, Akemi Kurisu, Masatsugu Ohara, Serge Ouoba, Masayuki Ohisa, Aya Sugiyama, Michelle L. Wang, Lindsey Hiebert, Tatsuya Kanto, Tomoyuki Akita

Determining the number of chronic hepatitis B (HBV) and C virus (HCV) infections is essential to assess the progress towards the World Health Organization 2030 viral hepatitis elimination goals. Using data from the Japanese National Database (NDB), we calculated the number of chronic HBV and HCV infections in 2015 and predicted the trend until 2035.